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1990获得中国科学院侯德封奖;1989获得纽约城市大学杰出博士学位论文奖;1999获得美国矿物学会奖;1999美国矿物学会MSA Life Fellow;2010美国地球物理联合会AGU Fellow; 2013美国地球化学学会GS 和欧洲地球化学协会Geochemical Fellow.


DOE, NASA, NSF proposal review panels

AGU mineral and rock physics committee (2000-2002)

Spring AGU meeting program committee (2000-2003)

NSF COMRES facility committee (2002-2006)

Associate editor, American Mineralogists (2000-2004)

Guest editor, Chinese Science Bulletin (2003-2005)

Associate editor, Journal of Geophysical Research (2001-2010)

Chair, International Professionals for the Advancement of Chinese Earth Sciences (IPACES) (2006-2007)

AGU medal committee (2010-2012)

NSF COMRES Executive committee (2012-


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